Dairy Technology

Probiotics products consist of specific strains of live bacteria that have potentially favorable health effects. A number of studies provide evidence that milk products with probiotics may be beneficial for digestive health and may improve various digestive problems.The advantages offered by cheese as a carrier of probiotics as compared to more acidic fermented dairy products such as Yogurt includes creating a buffer against the highly acidic environment in the gastrointestinal tract(GIT).Probiotic foods are currently primarily found in fermented milk drinks and yogurt, both of which have limited shelf life compared to cheeses.The most common probiotic dairy products worldwide are various types of yogurt, other fermented dairy products (e.g. cultured buttermilks in Finland), various lactic acid bacteria (LAB) drinks (‘Yakult-type’) and mixtures of probiotic (fermented) milk and fruit juice. Probiotics are also used in indulgence products, e.g. ice creams.
  • Fermented foods and Functional Foods
  • Probiotic dairy products
  • Providing health benefits beyond energy and nutrient
  • Bioactive compounds from plants.(bilberry, sea-buckthorn, rosehip and liquorice)

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